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[Serie A] AC Milan - Udinese 19 January, 2020 @11:30

19 Jan 2020, 20:06

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Re: [Serie A] AC Milan - Udinese 19 January, 2020 @11:30

20 Jan 2020, 05:40

I just got to watch this match.

Our defence was so out of shape for most of the game. I thought Pioli team's in the past are pretty good defensively ? We've looked crap most of the time.
Apart from that early brainfart, Donna kept us in the match again.

Some notes.
*A nice game from Rebic. Like Samu, was given a chance and he delivered. I am not sure I would want to see Rebic start LM, but if he can get time as SS that would be good.

*Samu, slow start but then really came into the match and must be close to player of the month for us.

* Benn and Theo are monstrous. If you consider we spent less than 40M on both combined, surely Maldini is vindicated for these signings.

* Thrilled that Suso remains completely out of our rotation. Again, any coincidence with him not in the starting XI and us not only winning but scoring? Hmmm

*Leao was really good, he is raw but the talent is there and with Ibra, he could be anything. Speaking of Ibra, he wasn't as fundamental but his presence does a lot. He bullied the Udinese defence but also guarantee's opposition best defender's have to watch him.

So negative
* Kjaer is too slow but made a massive clearence. Overall, still meh. So we still need Jerome, TS33 or similar to come and help Ale.

* Bonaventura. A good club man it seems but doesn't look up to it anymore. He came back well from injury but doesn't seem like he's up to it anymore. Maybe he can be a super-sub.

*Paqueta, is he really that useless or far gone he gets 0 playing time ? Is he worse than Kebab or Bona ? If so, just sell him

* Conti/Calabria. RB's still give me heart attacks!

In summary, we got 3pts. We are 8th and in striking distance of EL.
I hope Pioli gives Daniel Maldini a go. His numbers in the Primavera are good and he would be no worse than Suso, Kebab or Jack

Also read afterwards, Pioli made Suso, Paq and Piatek train in the empty San Siro.
That's pretty full on.

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