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Marco Giampaolo

Posted: 12 Jun 2019, 22:10
by milanist

Re: Marco Giampaolo

Posted: 13 Jul 2019, 15:34
by milanist

Re: Marco Giampaolo

Posted: 16 Sep 2019, 05:49
by LemonCookies
We looked good in preseason. Then we played Cesena, a Serie C team, and they completely shattered us and we've never recovered. Giampaolo seemed like the guy. I was seeing immediate changes in our attitude and play in July, but in Serie A so far, if you said that Rino was still in charge, I'd wonder how we got worse with a better squad. Our guys look lazy, confused, and just dumb as eggs on the ball out there. Doesn't help that Giampaolo seems genuinely uncertain who his best players are. Bennacer against Brescia was a breath of fresh air. Next game - fucking benched. Why? This guy needs to turn this ship around immediately, or we're not getting 4th. Period. Play Theo, play Ben, play Bona, bench Suso, pair Rebic and Piatek together. See what happens.

Re: Marco Giampaolo

Posted: 29 Sep 2019, 23:21
by Serie Beast
He looks way more clueless than initially thought. The sudden formation change from 4312 to 4321 told me that he really doesn't know what he's doing and doesn't know how to communicate his ideas to our players. At least with Rino, he could offer some grinta. With Giampaolo there is no tactics and no grinta.

His most successful season was getting mid-table with Samp. Now he has better players at his disposal and looks to be on track for mid-table or worse. This tells me that the Samp players were good enough to finish mid-table with any manager.